Kinesio Tape Ankle Fracture

Frequently Asked Questions

    Should I go to physical therapy?
    So about 6 weeks ago I "sprained" my ankle while I was playing volleyball. I went to the doctor like 3 days after it happened, had x-rays and everything looked just sprained and I had a brace to wear for 2 weeks. After 5 weeks of it still being extremely swollen I was required to get an MRI. I just got the results back and apparently had 2 fractures, 3 torn ligaments, a partially torn tendon, a cracked bone, and a deep bone contusion(bruise). The doctor said I should have been in a cast for 2-3 months but that is beyond the point now. So basically now he wants me to start physical therapy and get kinesio taping done, but I am honestly really done with being injured, he said a last resort would be surgery. Do I need to go to physical therapy?

    • ANSWER:
      Once you sprain your ankle, you will probably be a chronic ankle sprainer. PT will strengthen the muscle as well as working on your proprioception, Kinesio will help with the swelling and the proproception. To find a therapist certified in Kinesio visit the link.

    What to do about my twisted ankle?
    Like about a week and a half ago, while I was running, I lost balance and tripped. My ankle like touched the floor and made a crack noise. That night it swelled up a tiny bit, so I thought it would heal and ignored it. (I didn't even bother to ice it that night or the nights after.) But now it has been at least a week and my ankle is swollen to maybe half a tennis ball or less (1/3??) Whenever I touch the swelling, I can feel as if something inside is popping up? A vein or ligament?? However after that day I tripped, I ignored it and continued to run and play badminton on it. Now tomorrow is my ladder match and I don't know what to do?

    I've only recently noticed how severe my injury is because today after practice, my ankle started to hurt a lot. I've also noticed that during the drills at practice today, I was extremely slow. Also, after practice I got home my ankle started to hurt even more, so I checked. My swelling was huge compared to the first night I tripped it. So I decided to rub some herb ointment into it, which only made it hurt even more because of the rubbing.

    I don't know whether I should go to the doctors to get it checked or just use R.I.C.E? Also I don't know if this is a twisted ankle or a sprain? I'm guessing a twist.
    I can still walk, but when I twist it to a certain ankle it hurts. Furthermore, I can't really twist that far because it's really swollen.

    Also after rubbing in the herb ointment, it seems worse. I guess it's cause, I rubbed to hard?

    • ANSWER:
      well, to start a twisted ankle is a colloquial term for an ankle sprain. RICE is what the doc will tell you to do, plus give you crutches or maybe a splint. If you can walk on it the chance of a fracture is minuscule. What you have to do is rest it. I don't know how your league is regarding orthopedics and physical therapy, but a good Kinesio edema reduction tape will lift the skin and aid the lymphatic system in draining the edema. You can also do a traditional ankle tape with cloth and stretch tapes to stabilize the ankle, or wear a cloth ankle brace. This late it would be hard to be able to play tomorrow.

    I was misdiagnosed several times, until a doctor called my injury tendinitis...?
    I went over a year with a leg injury because my doctor (though on the first visit he could have told me it was tendinitis caused from my fall) kept putting me through ultrasounds, x-rays, and MRI's, and now he has told me that I have such bad tendinitis that the only way to keep the pain away would be a pain reducer.
    My question is, is this true?

    I no longer believe him because he put me through so much torment with pain. Also, my leg hurts everyday, and has me to the point that I can no longer enjoy most activities I use to. I have a gym membership, and I can't run for more than about five minutes before I start to cry.

    Is the only way I'm going to feel better going to be with painkillers? If so, why did my Tylenol stop working, do I need something stronger?
    What is this wrap. If it helps, I'd enjoy using it because the pain is so bad it's even affecting me when I'm trying to sleep.

    • ANSWER:
      I reccomend kinesio tex tape... They have it at certain sports stores and online. Google it and it should show up... Also go to and search for kinesio tex tape. It show different ways to apply it and although it isnt specifically for tendonitis it should help. And you can buy wrap at walmart in the section where they sell braces for knees or ankles which is usually where the meds and band aids are. You should see a brand call Ace and that works for me. Good luck. I know what you are talking about with wrong dianoses. My doctor misdiagnosed my knee problems with several things from a growth plate fracture to rheumetiod juvenile arthrites.

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