Do Compression Leg Sleeves Work

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    Different color compression shorts and leg sleeve?
    This is clearly a dumb question but i was wondering if i were to get a pair of mcdavid compression shorts in black to wear under by basketball shorts, and a pair of white leg sleeves, would it look weird if my shorts rode up and they saw different color sleeves and shorts?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Tim.

      I assume your shorts are dark color, so no I see no issue with doing that. I used to run marathons and in very cold weather and for modesty purposes I wore a type of basketball short, type of leg sleeve, then compression shorts above and I could never get them to match color. I don't see a problem with this.

    Is it weird to wear leg sleeves in soccer?
    I tweak or overextend my calves sometimes and I was wondering if leg sleeves would help heal or something...

    • ANSWER:
      Well what kinda sleeves are you talking about? There's two kinda i can think of true muscle warming sleeves kinda what keeps wear when its cold on their forearms and then there's the regular sleeves for your guards. Either one wouldn't be weird to wear but they would definitely help keep your calves warm so you won't have as many problems with them. Its basically the same reason you wear compression shorts.

    How to make a shin splint compression sleeve?
    I have shin splints in both my legs and I am in cross country. After a run, its a throbbing pain in my shins, and I know i gotta do something. I see they sell compression sleeves for shin splints, well how would I DYI one. I have some medical gause, and some tape. Would I need anything else? Please provide instructions on how to make a shin splint compression sleeve. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Wrap you're whole leg up to your knee to your ankle in gauze then tape at the start and stop of the gauze. The tightly wrap the tape in x's to compress the shins. Let me know if it helps!

    What is the best brace or compression sleeve for shin splints for track and field athletes?
    A brace that you can run and jump in that won't damage any muscles and will still allow you to move freely but help ease the pain.

    • ANSWER:
      Try leg sleeves from Custom Sports Sleeves. Hope this helps! The compression is supposed to help injuries and torn muscles.These sleeves are very high quality!

    Will a calf compression sleeve allow me to run a race with calf pain?
    I've had pain up and down the muscle in one of my calves (which I'm assuming is shin splints) I have a race coming up that I don't want to miss. Will the sleeve be helpful in reducing pain so I can run? Is there a brand you suggest? Thanks!
    There are two types of shin splints, anterolateral (Affecting front, anterior muscles) and postermodedial (affecting posterior and medial parts of the shin). So by having "calf pain" on the inside of my calf, yes, it is possible to have shin splints....

    I bought a McDavid brand compression sleeve this weekend and it worked wonders during my run! I plan to use it for my race this weekend and then give my legs a rest.

    • ANSWER:
      ok first of all calves and shins are two different parts of your leg. so saying that you have calf pain and you think that is shin splints, is like saying that your stomach hurts so you have a headache. second of all you calves are probably too sore from running, the proper way to heal from this is to get as much rest as possible, ice 3 times a day, and maybe wrap up your leg in a way that doesnt allow for much calf movement.+

    Should I get leggings or compression leg sleeves for basketball?
    I'm not coming off an injury or anything I'm just going to get these for style on the court...

    • ANSWER:
      Go for the leggings. The sleeves are ok too but more prone to slipping down during a game. Might look a bit strange you pulling the sleeves up similar to girls. The leggings will sit at your waist and shouldn't move and it will probably look a bit more natural if you were to adjust mid game.

      Plus the compression gear helps reduce the chances of injury.

      Go for Nike Pro, UA, Skins, 2XU type brands.

    How do I make my right calf stop hurting?
    So, two weeks ago I ran 8.5 miles and it was more than I had ever run at one time. Now, every time I try to run again, there's a pain in my right calf that gets worse and worse. I have not been able to exercise since and it is killing me! Weirdly, my leg doesn't hurt if I am casually using it (e.g. walking, sleeping, jumping, etc.) but it hurts a lot when I run. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      try a compression sleeve for your calf it really helps.

    What is Derrick Rose wearing on his legs? & Why does Dwyane Wade wear his arm sleeve?
    No, I don't mean the socks, and no, I don't mean the knee sleeves. If you look at some of his highlights, you can see this black thing that he's wearing between his knees and socks. What is that?

    What's the point of an arm sleeve?

    • ANSWER:
      Uhm, I'll simply list what Rose wears, you get to figure out what exactly you mean.

      SpeedWrap Braces, Socks, adidas TechFit knee-pad(a little low, so it protect his shins more than his knees), and an adidas TechFit padded compression short.

      The point of an arm-sleeve, proprioception(increases your control, and form by about 5%), and better heat-management(if your muscle stays warmer, it functions more efficiently).

      Often times, the arm-sleeve is also covering some Physio-tape, or padding to protect injury.

      So a warmer arm, and better control/form are the point.

    Does Carmelo Anthony and other NBA players wear compression tights or leg sleeves or compression socks?
    I'm just wondering because im thinking about getting some and i wanted to know what the pros wear.

    • ANSWER:
      yeah a lot of players do

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