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  1. Good excercises for arthritic hands? ?
    Also, what sort of compression products could you recommend for high activity, without high wear? I am an artist and was recently diagnosed. I bought a well rated pair of imak gloves which were working wonderfully for three days. Then they ripped on one side die to heavy speedy rugburn-like contact with paper (I work in retail, must be fast). Hot and Cold is wonderful, but people at school complain about the smell…

    I have early rheumatoid and mild osteoarthritisin. It’s very early still but I do a lot with my hands. I am 19.
    Joint pain has been present for years, getting increasingly worse. Third doctor finally listened to me, despite the age, got my hands x-rayed and did other blood tests, as I was consistently negative on the rheumatoid factor. I was hesitant to do much before, hot and cold only on very bad days, as without a cause my hand pain just seemed like me whining about simple aches due to simple overwork.

  2. if their a way for you to train a cat?
    i recently got a small kitten and he is clawing like crazy. she is too young to be spayed and the vet will not de claw her until she is old enough to, so she wont have to be under anesthetics twice. is their a way to get her to stop or lessen her clawing?? i am a bleeder and if she continues give my 3 inch wide cuts every week i don’t know what ill do.

    • Give your kitten a scratch pad or a medium sized scratch tree and use a string to animate your kitten to scratch at her scratch furniture.

      Reward her with a treat and a praise each time she scratches there.
      When she scratches anywhere else, simply say “No kitty” and take her off to place her at her scratch furniture. Reward her immediately when she starts scratching there.

      Use dangling poles to play actively with your cat or toss toy mice to let her fetch it.
      Pet her when she is fed and relaxed.
      For your safety please wear long sleeved pullovers or ask your local tailor to sew you some padded gloves which reach up to your elbow for protection.
      Always wear protective leg clothes like i.e. Uggs boots and a two cotton training pants (if kitty plays fetch with your feet) and add hand/arm protecting clothing when playing with your kitten as long as is young and playful.

      An other option is to use softpaws: http://www.softpaws.com/

      If you get scratched, follow the R.I.C.E rule: rest – ice – compression – elevation.
      Also have always a clotting factor replacement therapy at home to have it handy when needed.

      Those options are less expensive than declawing your kitten and for sure side effect free.
      Worst case re-home your kitten and adopt one cat from a shelter which is already declawed instead of forcing your kitten into that cruel surgery with the risk of severe side effects such as infections, necrosis, regrowing claws, arthritis etc.

      Here you can read about the side effects of de-clawing. The vets don’t want us to know them because if we knew we probably would tend to cat friendly and side effect free solutions such as scratch posts, soft paws and behavior modification. And then the vet simply does ear way less up to nothing at all. And a standard vet likes to make money.
      A good vet won’t declaw and will give you tons of suggestions and tools for free to correct scratching issues in cats.

      If you have further questions, feel free to contact me directly via my profile.
      One of my friends was bleeder and was surrounded by cats since he was 18.
      And he lived in Germany where de-clawing is outlawed.
      He died 5 years ago (aged 40) due to a car accident. A drunken driver went on his line and the result was a frontal crash – Help arrived to late for my friend. His siblings took his cats immediately so they have found new good homes.
      RIP Sebastian.

  3. What equipment is neccesary for lacrosse?
    I know stuff like mouth guard, helmet, shoulder pads.. But what else do you HAVE to have to play. What other protective equipment?

    • What up fellow laxer? Aight here’s the run down. Yea you need a helmet, mouth guard, chest pads, arm pads, and gloves. You can also wear rib pads, but only pansies wear those, they’re optional. Then you’re definitely gonna want to get a cup, protect the scrote. I’d recommend getting underarmor compression shorts that have a cup pocket stitched into them, wayyyyy more comfortable than a jock strap. I also wear an underarmor tang top under my chest pads cause its really light weight and is confortable. For your kicks, you can wear football, soccer, or lacrosse cleats. That is pretty much all you need protective wise. And obviously you’re gonna need a spoon (your stick bra). I also wear a chin strap pad cover because the chin strap that come with the helmets are usually really uncomfortable, its like an underarmor-like sleeve for the chin strap, kinda like foam. hope this helps man. lax on ———<#)

  4. I have had slight swelling in my left arm due to lymphedema from breast cancer surgery 4.5 years ago.?
    I “baby” my arm, so it is very weak compared to my other arm. It flairs up occassionally. I also have tennis elbow due to an injury years ago. The swelling is right in the elbow area (not sure if there is a correlation.) I am only 38, and want to do martial arts training, which entails wearing tight hand wraps and boxing gloves, not to mention a lot of punching, etc. Will this only aggravate the symptoms? I plan to contact my doctor this week before continuing, but just wanted to see if anyone else has lymphedema and boxes. THANKS.

    • GREETINGS Nboo:

      I’m Tina and I also have lymphedema in the arm and am a cancer survivor. What treatment have you had for the lymphedema?

      You are not going to be able to wear tight hand wraps but what you can do is get prescribed a compression sleeve and glove and wear those instead of the hand wraps and the boxing glove would fit over them. I would not just start martial arts without complete/complex decongestive therapy first and since you say the arm has been babied, some physical therapy to strengthen the muscles. Many studies are being done with dragon boat racing at the moment, it actually has helped women with lymphedema from cancer keep the swelling out of their arms and strengthen the arms as well.

      You have to make sure your doctor knows what lymphedema is, how to treat it, do’s and don’ts, ect, not all doctors are educated about our condition there are alot of them that prescribe diuretics and those can be dangerous because they push out the water part of lymph and leave the debris. The debris harden and cause fibrosis which blocks the lymph more and it’s a vicious cycle.

      You also want to learn all you can about the lymphedema. For example, it’s not “just your arm”. For lymphedema to show up there has to be a blockage and stagnation of about 70% of the system, gravity will pull the swelling to the arms and legs because they are the lowest points of gravity, that’s why at night when you lay down, swelling goes down.

      You will have to just try the martial arts and see what happens. Some women do fine with boxing, rowing, and sports activities, and some do not, it’s how it affects your body.

      Learn about infections, injuries and what you can do to prevent them.

  5. I HAVE lymphedema.could you answer some questions about it?
    i have lymphedema in my right armpit.i had no surgires or anything that could cause this.but when i was 7 (im 14 now) i fell on my right hand and its been swollen eveer since but it goes down sometimes most of the time its not swollen (basicclay when my underarm started swelling around late 2008 i think thats when the hand selling went down) i realized i had lymphedema last year beacsue of doctors.i went under the treatment the massage thingy for a while and was discharged and required to wear the arm sleeve and glove and compression bra and use the compression machine thingy. i dont really use the machine rarely where the sleeve but usally almost all the time where the bra.but the bra seems to not be helping actually nothing does.when i wear stuff u can see it like popping out of my shirt like its noticbaly(thats when im wearing a regular bra) but when i wear the compression one it looks wierd.i want to know if theres a compression bra that still shows like its a regulaar bra?is their any treatment for lymphedema now? pls help im deparate i cant wear regular things because it looks akward.any guess when the swelling will go down??if u need more details to answer my quetions or have any more advice email me at: omolola_adegoke@yahoo.com PLEASE!! HELP ME.I CANT LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE!!

    • One of the best things to do in your situation is to do gentle exercises. This will move the lymph and keep it from swelling. You can check out this website for exercise ideas: http://www.gohealthysteps.com. Look for a class in your area to participate in. Good luck!

  6. Why does Derek Jeter put his compression sleeve on his glove arm?
    I thought you were supposed to put it on your throwing arm?

  7. Nike Gridiron Stuff?
    Ok my question is…Has anyone bought any of the stuff online from the Nike Gridiron store,k becuz im gonna list off the stuff and i need to no if its worth spending the money on or if i should just keep the underarmour stuff(not real underarmour) that my local sporting goods store provides.
    im 5’7 170 pounds and I play Linebacker.

    ** Nike Pro Vent Tight (L/S) iD – Multisport–*Personalized* (Should i get Medium or large becuz the large underarmour from the sporting goods store i got is too long on the arms.)

    Nike Pro Long Comp Shorts
    Nike Pro Compression Football (10-13) socks
    Super Speed II TD iD – Men’s Cleats *Personalized*
    Swoosh 1/2 Inch Biceps Bands 4ppk
    Chin Shield
    Magnigrip Elite Remix – Men’s (gloves, thought idk if threre Linebacker gloves.)
    Swoosh Wristbands x4
    Skull Cap – Men’s

    I thought id ask and see if neone knew if it was worth it becuz i dont wanna spend like $241 on the stuff if its not worth it.. so if neone knows please tell me lol. thanks.
    Ok yes i no im pretty small for a linebacker, i have a gym membership already, i am small but i can still deliver, u dont neccesarily need to be big, i have got the form and technique perfected, im 5’7 170 pounds but i no how to hit someone,believe it or not, the 4th game of the season i hit a kid 5’11 235 pounds and dropped him where he was, if u hit them right it doesnt matter.

    • from the bottom up:
      -the skull cap is just to look cool, it kinda slides around a little if u get sweaty, i wouldnt spend money on that
      -wristbands from nike are always good
      -DO NOT GET NIKE GLOVES. they look great but there durabilty is horrible. go w/ cutters. but im a wide receiver and thats important to me, so i guess for LBs its not as big of a deal
      -go for the chin shield, very comfortable
      -bicep bands should be put right above the elbow, but get those
      -i have the speed TD II customs, very very very nice. i recommend molded though, not detach
      -if you play for a school, they might not like u having ur own socks but if they are cool with it, do it
      -the pro long comp shorts are the best ive ever gotten. if u get anything, get those
      -i havent bought Nike Pro from the internet but based on ur build u want a large or more. i wear large and im 5’9″ 160. thats for long sleeve though

      i hope i helped u out, good luck next fall

  8. can anybody give me any interesting pieces of information about arm warmers?
    I am doing a sewing project for school, and I need info for a short paper i am writing on arm-warmers- i know it is not a very fascinating topic.

    • Arm warmers (or arm socks) are knitted ‘sleeves’ worn on the arms. Usually worn by dancers to warm up their bodies before class, they have also become somewhat of a fashion item, appearing in the fall. These arm warmers are virtually identical in fabric and style as those worn by dancers.

      Arm warmers can also describe any glove-like articles of clothing that lack finger coverings and/or were originally designed to keep wrists and lower arms warm. Today, many competition and sport bicyclists as well as distance runners/marathoners wear spandex-compression arm-warmers.

      Various sub-cultures, such as the punk, emo and goth subcultures, have also adopted arm warmers as a fashion statement.

      Recently (in mid-late 2000), cyclists have adopted them for use in cold weather.

      Retrieved from “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arm_warmer”

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