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  1. I think i have Carpal tunnel syndrome and i need some help?
    okay so i figured out i may have carpal tunnel syndrome
    i’m sportyand play basketball is this going to affect me?
    what type of brace should i use
    what can i do to get rid of it?
    where can i buy the wrist brace?

    • Best thing is to see a doctor. Often times with carpal tunnel syndrome you’ll notice numbness or tingling when having your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel for a long period of time or while typing. They do sell braces for this usually in places such as Target. Your doctor can probably set you up with something more comfortable and effective though. Your Dr. can also rule out other things such as a sprain, tendonitis, arthritis, etc. Especially if you are concerned about it affecting your hobbies.

  2. How localized is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
    I thought I had CTS, so I went to a doctor and he agreed after listening to my symptoms (numbness in my first three fingers). So he gave me a wrist brace and prescribed NSAIDs. But now the numbness is extending up my entire arm and even reaching my back. Is it possible that it still could be Carpal Tunnel or is most likely something entirely different?

    • Ok—here is what I think—by my own trials & tribulations of nerve damage in my hands. Mine, like yours, started in my fingers then slowly moved up my arm—to my shoulder. What had happened was I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder. I had to have surgery because I had an overgrowth of bone that was pinching the nerves. Unfortunately, I still had to have surgery on my hand to narrow the tendon that goes from my thumb to my elbow. I have since had to have steroidal injections in my elbow for tendonitis. I would go to an Orthopedist that specializes in this type problem and he can send you to a neurologist for a NCS (nerve conduction study). I still somehow ended up with permanent nerve damage in both my hands. My ortho surgeon says it is now because of the arthritis in my neck, hands & fingers.

      Anyway…get in touch with the right doctor…an orthopedist…they can help you.

  3. How can I ease the Pain, swelling and tingling of my wrist from Tendonitis?
    I’ve had tendonitis in my wrist since 2006. I was working in a nursing home and it was tended to. I had light duty work and PT. the pain and tingling subsided until recently. The swelling has never completely gone away. When I wake up in the morning my thumb, index and middle fingers are swollen and numb, and my wrist hurts. Is there anything I can do at home to help this? I can’t take it anymore.

    • i have osteo in my hands i take artrotec an antiimflamatory and a mild pain reliever hads feel good but im consistant with it…. why dont you get surgery if you have insurance..? also i wear a wrist and thumb brace to imobilize it that helps. sometimes i ice it if its realy realy bad.

  4. Why does the inside of my wrist hurt from guitar?
    I’ve been playing for 5 years now, I want to learn jazz style so i bought a Django Reinhardt tab book and have been practicing Swing 42. When i play thjs song my wrist starts to hurt, and still hurts after i stop playing. Is there anything about jazz guitar i should learn before i even start playing it ?

    • You’re giving yourself either carpal tunnel or tendonitis (hopefully it’s not tendonitis yet) by straining your wrist while playing. It’s not the jazz itself, it’s that you’re tensing up or putting your hand in awkward, artificial positions when playing and putting stress on the nerves in the wrist – probably because you’re self-conscious and awkward about learning the new musical style, and not playing as casually and freely as you did before. Take this very seriously and learn how to prevent it. If you don’t fix it, you’re looking at shots and surgery down the road (or just living in pain, possibly not being able to play again).

      1) take a break from playing for a few days. You might consider wearing a wrist brace and taking some aspirin until the pain goes away.
      2) when you do return to playing, hydrate plenty and do some finger and wrist stretches before you begin. You can google “carpal tunnel stretches” and get some ideas for what to do.
      3) Pay close attention to your technique. Try to keep your wrists straight and in a natural, relaxed position. In fact, try to keep everything as relaxed and natural as possible while still being able to play.

      chriskeuken.nl has a lot of valuable health information related to playing guitar and bass, well worth spending some time with.

  5. My hand and arm is aching will it go away?
    I’ve been welding for a day yesterday for an open day for University. I’m a girl and I haven’t done workshops for a few years or held a hammer. Today my arm started aching and I do Art in college, but I am finding it difficult to use my hand properly as my muscles in my arm aches. I also play the guitar so I use my right arm and hand a lot but now it’s evening I am finding it a lot more difficult just holding something on my right hand.

    What should I do so it doesn’t get worse? I really need to use my hands to finish my art work and to play the guitar this week. What can help with my muscles?

    • Go to your local pharmacy and get a good wrist and arm brace to give it support and relieve the pain. Also buy something like Tiger Balm, Icy Hot, Ben Gay, etc and rub it in. Wear the brace when you are using your arm, it will help. Be careful and do not overdo it as you could end up damaging the joints and having a permanent problem with recurring tendinitis.

  6. Has anyone recently been treated for carpal tunnel syndrome? What does that entail?
    I’m going to the doctor in a week and I have carpal tunnel, arthritis, or tendonitis.

    • I have recuring carpal tunnel syndrome. The doctors just give me a special brace to wear, and tell me not to use my wrist/hand/arm (whatever hurts) untill it is better. They also give you some kind of painkiller…over the counter usually. I also have had tendonitis, usually it’s kind of the same treatment, but usually they use an ace bandage instead of a brace. Surgery is a last resort. They never want to operate unless it is VERY nesicary…Good Luck.

  7. Wrist brace is uncomfortable, anything I can do?
    I went to the doctor today because of wrist and hand pain and discovered that I have tendinitis. The doctor gave me a wrist brace and she told me to wear it for four weeks, even when I’m sleeping. I have had it on now for about 3 hours and I keep having to readjust the straps looser and tighter. It feels like my circulation is cut off, although no visible signs of that are noticable. It doesn’t matter how loose I get it, I still feel this way. Will my hand eventually adjust or is there something wrong with the brace?

    • i can relate. had the same type of problem. maybe the brace is the wrong size for you. call the doc and ask about that. if it is cutting off the circulation, definitely you cant wear it. that could cause more serious problems. hope u get hold of the doc quickly and feel better.

  8. Pain in my wrist when applying pressure to my hand?
    I’ve had pain in my wrist that’s been coming and going for about 5 months now. I might do something as simple as lean on a railing, do a push-up, or high-five someone, and because of this I’ll have pain for maybe two weeks at a time.
    It hurts when I bend my hand back the whole way, or applying gentle pressure. I feel the pain in the lower part of my hand, the back of my wrist, and up the sides of my wrist.
    Opinions are greatly appreciated:) Thank you!

    • I have the same problems. It’s probably tendonitis. Mine is carpal tunnel, which is also a possibility if you use that hand a lot. I’ve found massages help. I would also grab a carpal tunnel wrist brace – they’re like $15 at walmart.

  9. recent numbness on both ring fingers tips. What can this be, and which doctor shall I see for help ?
    I am a cyclist (at least 1 hour 5 times a week) and have been feeling numbness on my hands after riding for long periods of time (2 – 3 hours) for a while, but it was nothing permanent. This week I have gotten numbness on both finger tips (ringer finger) and it does not goes away.

    • Some possibilities to ask your doctor about might be tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrom, ulnar tunnel syndrome, or tennis elbow, among other possibilities. Sometimes vitamin deficiencies or poor blood flow may cause numbness and tingling.

      You should go to your primary care doctor first. They may give you a wrist brace or a medication to try, or they might see if altering your position on the handlebars or your other activities makes any difference.

      Sometimes they may refer you to a neurologist, but not always. It really depends on the diagnosis, the severity, and what interventions work.

  10. What are the possible causes for a pain that i have been having in my right hand.In the mornings I get a cramp
    The pain in mainly in my joints and my right palm gets very cold at times. My pinky finger is also very painful and I have to exercise it for the pain to go away. Could this be arthritis? I hope not.

    • There’s a possibility it could be tendonitis in the wrist and hand as well. I get this from time to time. What I usually do for this is when it acts up, I wear wrist braces to bed at night. These are the ones you can get in any drug store. They keep your wrists immobilized enough for your wrists to start to heal. I’d suggest trying that and see if it helps. If not, it might be time to call your doctor.

  11. My wrist hurts after playing my bass guitar?
    After a few my wrist really hurts after playing guitar. Is this normal or should I try and do something different?

    • Take any pain from your body very seriously – it is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. If you ignore it and try to power through, you can wind up with carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis and those can ultimately mean surgery and perhaps losing the ability to play altogether. So don’t take chances.

      Assess the pain. If it’s just muscle soreness, like you get with exercise, it’s not such a big deal. But if you’re feeling the pain in your bones, joints, nerves (numbness or tingling?) or tendons, it can lead to serious problems.

      Take a few days off from playing, hydrate plenty, and stretch your hands out regularly. Don’t resume practicing until the pain in your wrists subsides. You may also take aspirin from time to time while you’re taking a break, and get your wrist in a brace. Before you play, stretch out your fingers and wrists. If pain returns, stop playing and stretch more.

      Work on your playing technique. If you’re slinging your bass too low, bring it up. It should be about centered on your belt buckle, and some play with it up on the torso. But below the belt is bad news. Develop a technique where your hands are in as natural a position as possible, and especially keep the wrists straight (but not stiff). A lot of people twist their hands in all sorts of odd positions to play and put huge strain on their tendons. Relax as much as possible when playing in general. Some people with big hands can play one-finger-per-fret, but most of us are better off playing 1-2-4 (four fingers spanning three frets in normal playing position) at the low end of the fretboard.

      There’s a great website at chriskeuken.nl with all kinds of health information related to playing.
      This video is excellent too – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRkSsapYYsA

  12. What home treatments are available for tendinitis in the hand?
    Given my job, resting my hands is not a realistic option, but I was wondering if anyone had experience with the use of braces or arthritis gloves along with the recommended NSAIDs for the treatment of this problem.

    • Sorry, no experience.
      Hand Tendonitis Treatment
      Unlike other diseases, it it not hard to treat Hand Tendonitis as long as the patient will properly follow the doctor’s advice . The patient is recommended to use a support or brace to rest the hand tendon, which will ease the irritation. Additionally, the use of ice compress is helpful to cure Hand Tendonitis because this treatment will cool down the inflammation and stimulate the blood flow in the hands.
      Apart from the said treatments, patients are also advised to take anti-inflammatory medicines to control the pain and decrease the swelling of the tendon. However, if the medication fails, the doctor will have to perform a delicate surgery to remove the affected tissue. The patient is also recommended to use a support or brace to rest the hand tendon, which will ease the irritation. Additionally, the use of ice compress is helpful to cure Hand Tendonitis because this treatment will cool down the inflammation and stimulate the blood flow in the hands.

  13. If someone has carpal tunnel syndrome, would that person necessarily have to have surgery?
    I am asking this out of curiousity as my mom thinks she might have carpal tunnel syndrome.

    I’m not asking for medical advice or anything; just want to be informed.

    What is the difference between carpal tunnel syndrome and mere tendonitis? How invasive is carpal tunnel surgery anyway?

    • You do not have to have surgery at any time for any thing. You can change how you use your hands which will allow your wrists to heal and sometimes, the symptoms go away. Wearing a brace also helps the healing process as does ibuprofen on a regular basis. Tendonitis often is just pain, carpal tunnel sometimes is accompanied by swelling in the wrist and hand but without a doctor looking and feeling the tendons, it would be very difficult to differentiate. Carpal tunnel surgery is only a small incision but unless you stop the repetitive movement that caused the problem in the first place, it can come right back.

  14. Did you have Tennis Elbow/ Tendonitis and how long did it take to heal?
    I’ve got tendonitis-commonly called tennis elbow- from a car accident. Its lasted 7 months and my arm and hand muscles have gotten weaker from not being strong enough to use for most things.
    If you’ve had experience like this, how long did it last before healing and what did you do to help it heal? Thanks.

    • My husband had tennis elbow. He tried wearing a brace, but it didn’t really help. He ended up getting a cortisone shot. That was 14 yrs ago & he’s never had a problem since. I might add, the shot was very painful for a couple of days, but well worth it. Good luck

  15. Need elbow and wrist bands for tendinitis?
    I have bad tendinitis in my elbow and wrist and I was looking to buy the best possible elbow and wrist bands to help it. Anyone recommend a website?

  16. What happened to Regina’s hand on switched at birth?
    I missed a lot of episodes and I saw Regina with that black thing on her hand and I was wondering what happened

    • What George said is exactly right as far as the story line of the show is concerned. If you’re wondering about real life, “Switched At Birth” creator Lizzy Weiss tweeted in September that the wrist brace is definitely real. Her words: “Yes, Constance Marie actually injured her hands from overuse so we had to write it in.”

      Constance talked in an interview about how she got double tendonitis in both arms because of learning sign language so suddenly, as an adult, and doing it SO much for hours and hours on end without breaks while she rehearsed and during filming. Another article cites it as cumulative motion injury and says her doctors have ordered a six-month break in the hopes of repairing the damage.

      On the show they’ve written it in that the damage is permanent and irreversible, so if Constance does end up being able to sign again in 6 months (if it started in Sept that would mean by the beginning of March she’d be able to start back up again) that will make a great, dramatic new revelation to aid the relationship between Regina and Daphne. =)

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